Create a plan to maximise your efforts this year


Spring is here and I’m loving the longer and warmer days. Many people experience increased energy and motivation with more bounce in their step as summer approaches… this also bring us to the reality that Christmas and the end of year is a little more than three months away.

Now is the perfect time to take a deep breathe and do some reflection and planning to help you maximise your efforts for the remaining months of this year.

Schedule some ‘you’ time into your diary - an hour will be adequa…

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How to create the best plan upon a new year


2017 is upon us - despite many of us being in holiday mode - what's your plan for this year?

There are many ways to create a vision when a new year begins. Some like to create new year's resolutions or create vision boards or specific goals or some like to invite new experiences, states, or emotions. It's a worthy use of your time given that it's a proven fact that if you know the results you want you will be more likely to move toward it and achieve it!

I encourage you to write, paint, or pla…

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