What my clients say about working with me...


What an amazing journey we have undertaken in such a short time with Chalisa!  The online Relationships course was a fantastic precursor to the therapy sessions and created strong foundations and common language.  The zoom sessions were far more personable than we had expected and you always managed to coax what was required and unpack issues together in a kind, patient and understanding manor. Your counselling style put us at ease and allowed underlying issues to surface without blame or finger pointing. We are glad that we will be able to continue working with you to keep our relationship growing and developing.        ~ GF & MF, Torquay, November 2020 

I really enjoy working with Chalisa - her insights and techniques make daily life lighter and more fulfilling.  Chalisa is very approachable and open minded which makes working with her fun and refreshing.   ~ Tom MacDonald, Torquay, August 2021


Chalisa is a wonderful communicator & listener. She provided us with tremendous guidance & support and helped to give us the tools to get back on track. I highly recommend her services.     ~ Tim, Business Owner, October 2020 


I am always moved by Chalisa’s ability to hold space for others.  I recently had a deeply moving embodiment healing session with Chalisa; I was feeling stuck in my grief and anger after ending a long- term relationship. Chalisa created a space for me to move through my sadness to feel and express my pain in a safe and held way that was transformational.  I highly recommend Chalisa for coaching, couples therapy and embodiment healing.  Thank you Chalisa     Quill Howard,  Business Owner, October, 2020


Chalisa was wonderful to work with. Her wisdom, insights and support has helped me grow in knowledge and understanding of self, strengthened my relationship and empowered me to be the best I can be. A life changing experience.    ~ Bec Carlisle,  Teacher, January 2020


Chalisa has been a valuable coach and a guiding positive force for me this year. I have gotten so much from her through her breadth of professional knowledge, her supportive and nurturing presence, and the commitment she has shown to helping me. I would highly recommend Chalisa to anyone looking for some alignment and insight, wanting to improve in life, relationships, and/or business.   ~ Martine Oderio, Artist, August, 2019


When my husband and I engaged with Chalisa, we were in a scary place…and an even more frightening future (or lack there of).  In our initial consultation, it was evident that Chalisa not only presented as a nurturing, highly experienced, passionate and capable coach, she was instantaneously invested.  Using a variety of methods in the duration of our 7 week course, Chalisa’s informal but extremely professional approach partnered with her ability to innately approach, dissect and resolve a ‘problem’, made us feel safe and relaxed; and the results were incredible. The feelings of anger, resentment and frustration slowly dissipated as she encouraged communication, openness, respect (both self and to each other) and most of all…”to be kind to ourselves” For the first time in a long time we now see a hopeful future and our greater self awareness has helped us become much better versions of ourselves.  I am eternally grateful that we ‘stumbled' across Chalisa and look forward to continue working with her for a long time to come.  ~ Fiona, Holistic Therapist, Torquay, 2019


I have had the absolute privilege of being mentored by Chalisa for the last couple of months. She has guided me through a huge personal journey over such a short period of time. I always felt empowered and excited about my life after our meetings. She helped me to switch my internal doubting voice into bigger business opportunities. Working with Chalisa has been an amazing experience and I will look for the chance to work with Chalisa again in the future.     ~ Cathryn Walley, Manager, Geelong, 2019


Relationship Therapy & Coaching with Chalisa is life changing; with her gentle yet strong manner she showed us how to re-connect, better communicate and how to lift our passion and love for each other.  We learnt new tools and our relationship is stronger than ever before!  Thank you Chalisa.     ~  Tessa and Craig, West Geelong, 2018


Chalisa has helped me become a business woman. She had guided my ambition, my strengths and help identify gaps in my knowledge. Chalisa has amazing contacts in the local business industry, enabling me to broaden my network. Chalisa has also calmed my soul. She has not only looked after my business needs, but my health and well being. She is non judgemental, keeps me on track and allows me to celebrate the little wins. I love our connection, love her advice, love her techniques, she truly knows business and people. Thanks Chalisa, my success is truly your success.     ~ Gina Kennedy, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Geelong, Australia, 2018


Where do I start; I had the most amazing session with Chalisa, she was truly amazing. After the session I couldn't stop smiling. I feel like a new person, loving myself again. Thank you for all your amazing help!    ~ Anna Natonewski, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Geelong, Australia, 2017


Thanks to the personal coaching I did with Chalisa I have managed to shape my life into something wonderful. I now have deeper more meaningful relationships, a wonderful job in a field I am passionate about and a home in sunny Brisbane (no more cold Melbourne winters). I have an amazing partner that is loving, supportive and who challenges me to dream big. My life is awesome now. ps I haven't watched TV in over 3 years now and I don't think I've missed a thing either!     ~ Mark Rycroft, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Australia, 2015


Fear, self doubt, confusion, lack of clarity, ineffective communication, these were the hard truths and tough questions Chalisa coached me on. I instantly experienced dramatic internal changes after coaching sessions with Chalisa. These changes have had an immediate effect on my personal and professional life- to be fully honest, I have been blown out of the water. I cannot recommend Chalisa’s Coaching enough to anyone who is serious about making big changes now. Thank you so much  Chalisa!   ~ Martin Joy, Director, Angle Branding & Design, Melbourne Australia, 2012


I would highly recommend Chalisa Morrison to someone ready to take on their life  looking for a powerful life-coach.  Chalisa is a beautiful person, kind and caring, a powerful mentor and a non-judgemental coach.  It was a pleasure to have Chalisa lead me through my journey towards greater personal power. I embarked on the coaching with the aim of growing my personal wealth. I achieved this whilst receiving many other benefits. I now feel much more in control of my life. I have stopped sabotaging my success and have a deep confidence in my ability to achieve my goals.  This confidence has seen me perform at a higher level in my career, as I am better able to work with people and negotiate positive outcomes. I am also a lot less stressed and therefore more able to help and contribute to the people I care about.     ~ Stuart Gardner-Vaughan, Web team leader, Melbourne Australia


After recently commencing my new role in a highly successful division At NAB, I realised that I had finally absorbed all of the strategies and tools that Chalisa had equipped me with during our coaching sessions. I always had the ambition, drive and desire to change my life and hoist myself out of the rut I was in however I never knew how to achieve my ideal outcome or how to design my ideal life. Chalisa, with her natural positive ambiance and strong empowering spirit, brought me out of my shell, helped me to face my demons pushing me out of my comfort zone until I was finally making the life-changing decisions necessary to shape my desired life. Chalisa has been instrumental in helping me make realisations about myself and my career that have helped me steer in the right directions. My daily affirmations reshape my pessimistic character and I now look forward to all the challenges and difficulties that life throws my way. Chalisa is a very talented coach who gave me 100% of her commitment and not only believed in me but helped me develop my strengths. I am very happy to attest to her superior coaching skills and highly recommend her to all prospective clients.    ~ Edina Tugui, Bank Analytics, Yarraville Australia


Life Coaching with Chalisa is life changing! With her gentle yet strong manner she showed me how to turn my life around. Chalisa quickly gained my full trust and I never felt judged or wrong. She skillfully guided me through situations in my life and gave me the tools to affect change through powerful changes in thinking. In a very short time I made positive turnarounds in areas of my life that had caused me great stress for years. I now feel fully in control and equipped to handle any situation that may arise. I have become a non-procrastinator and am able to get things done in a relaxed and organized way. For the first time in twenty-five years I completed my semester reports, ahead of time, without the stress and late nights and one day ahead of time! I still had time to exercise, visit family and read my book. My change in thinking led to greater focus and a certainty that things would work out. This success was also repeated in other areas of my life. I now feel excited about all the possibilities that life has to offer.  Chalisa has a real gift for life coaching. I feel privileged to have worked with her and blessed to know that she is there to call on should I ever need further guidance.  I highly recommend Chalisa to anyone who is ready to make positive changes in their life.     ~ Mary-Ann De Carlo, Teacher, Ascot Vale, Australia