Create a plan to maximise your efforts this year


Spring is here and I’m loving the longer and warmer days. Many people experience increased energy and motivation with more bounce in their step as summer approaches… this also bring us to the reality that Christmas and the end of year is a little more than three months away.

Now is the perfect time to take a deep breathe and do some reflection and planning to help you maximise your efforts for the remaining months of this year.

Schedule some ‘you’ time into your diary - an hour will be adequate to start with. Start by re-connecting with your vision of what you wanted to create this year (consider your goals, projects and plans).

Now identify the core things that you want to focus on for the next 3 months and what specifically you want to achieve in those areas. Start with the end in mind - ask yourself what 7 things would be amazing to achieve by the end of the year (e.g. personally, professionally or academically)

Next make a plan for the next 3 months to co-create with yourself to make it all happen:

I recommend using my 90 day goal planner and also suggest formulating your goals using ‘smart goal’ language (for more information on smart goals (if you want either of these documents, please email me and I'd be happy to provide you with a copy). The purpose of using smart goals is that it helps you to paint a vision that is enticing, compelling and exciting - as if it has already happened.

In short:

  1. List a combination of personal, professional and or business goals to be achieved by a specific date

  2. Next list the actions you will take this month

  3. Then list the actions you will take this week

  4. Then list the actions you will take next week

  5. Get into the practice of regularly reviewing your plans. I recommend a quick review at the end of each week – Sunday afternoon is always a great time to reflect upon the week that has been and to create a plan for the upcoming week.

Creating and reviewing goals is the first step towards creating the life you truly want. For more details on each ‘goal creating’ step refer to my previous blog here. 

For further support please contact me by phone or email, or better still download my free starter kit here.

Happy planning and achieving your vision!