Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I empower individuals and couples to thrive in life, love and relationships; assisting them to connect to their authentic selves, to achieve more fulfillment, more happiness, more fulfillment, while also healing pains and removing obstacles.


I create clear pathways & roadmaps and life solutions for men & women, couples and people transitioning from injury.  I use a wide range of tools and modalities to assist clients to move forward quickly - including coaching, counselling, trauma psychology, NLP, tantra, mindfulness, embodiment and healing.

We can all thrive in life and in love through the development of new skills and by maintaining transformational mindsets. With these in place, you too can thrive and rise again like a phoenix, regardless of any challenges you may have faced in the past, or are facing now.

Develop the essential tools and strategies to thrive in life & love!

Life Coaching 
 Want to:
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress?

  • Improve your mental and physical energy?

  • Restore your sleep & concentration?

  • Fine-tune your decision-making & communication skills?

  • Bolster your self-confidence, relationships, business & career?

  • Elevate your wealth and prosperity potential?

  • Support yourself to thrive in life?

  • Become your potential?


Work with me to we’ll develop pathways and a plan for you to become clear about your goals and to move successfully toward achieving them — as well as exploring other essential tools and strategies that will empower you to thrive in life!

 Embodiment & Healing
Holistically heal your self via embodiment practices and healing tools
  • Stop spiritually bypassing

  • Heal your trauma's

  • Feel into your authentic self

  • Create peace within

  • Connect to your joy

  • Learn to practice loving acceptance

  • Learn to nurture all aspects of you

  • Create a life that nurtures & nourishes

  • Create a life that you love

  • Align your life to your purpose

Work with me to heal your pain and connect to your truth and heart.  Together we will create a roadmap forward to achieve your specific goals, as well as exploring other  tools and practises to support and empower you to thrive in life and love holistically.

Couples Therapy
Want to:
  • Create greater happiness and fulfillment in your relationship?
  • Learn how to fulfill each others needs and desires?
  • Communicate & manage conflict?
  • Re-ignite your passion for each other?
  • Learn new tools and strategies to thrive?
  • Manage your emotions mindfully
  • Have fun again together?
  • Reconnect as lovers & friends?
  • Create deep long lasting connection?

Work with me to learn how to: strengthen, support and thrive in your relationship.  Learn how to re-ignite your passion and connection - as well as exploring the essential tools to effectively communicate your needs and manage conflict, 

Chalisa has a holistic approach to supporting clients needs looking at a persons complete life - individual circumstances, relationship, family, career, business and professional situation - working from the space of teaching resourcefulness, integration, empowerment and embodiment of whole self aligning clients with their needs, truth, direction, personal power and purpose to thrive in life and in love.

Read about what Chalisa's clients say about working with her here.

Teenager coaching