"I would highly recommend Chalisa Morrison to anyone looking for a powerful coach, therapist or healer.  Chalisa is a beautiful person, kind and caring, a powerful mentor and a non-judgemental coach.  It was a pleasure to have Chalisa lead me through my journey and I achieved so much; including greater personal power and wealth, a deep confidence in my abilities to achieve my goals, perform at a higher level in my career and contribute to the people I care about..."  Stuart Gardner-Vaughan, Team Leader, Melbourne, Australia

Hi, I'm Chalisa Morrison, a transformational coach, couples therapist and healer based in Torquay on Victoria's Surf Coast - where I currently live with my husband and two four-legged friends.


A highly experienced and qualified therapist with 15+ years experience in life, and relationship coaching, therapy, counselling and healing.

I empower, guide and support individuals and couples to thrive in life and love by creating more fulfillment, happiness, connection, love, inspiration, purpose and more success and abundance. I help humans come home to their hearts to connect to their inner truth and heal their pains.

I help clients move from survival mode - stuck, unfulfilled and disconnected - to thriving in life and love.


I’ve studied multiple modalities - from mindfulness, business leadership, human behavior, coaching, Gottman couples therapy, tantra, trauma psychology and meditation through to relationship dynamics and embodiment healing.  I am passionate about helping people to reach their full potential in this lifetime.


My personal and professional experience has uniquely equipped me to utilise an extensive toolkit of strategies, techniques and healing practices to help create unique therapy & coaching plans, clear pathways and help develop solutions that will progress your life forward in pursuit of your dreams and goals.


We can all thrive in life through the development of sustainable skills and by maintaining transformational mindsets and addressing and healing our pains. With these, you too can thrive and rise again like a phoenix, regardless of what challenges you may have faced or are currently facing.


Work with me, and together we can develop the essential tools and strategies to enable you to realise your full potential and thrive in life.

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The Surf Coast  & Geelong in person. Australia wide via online video appointments using Zoom.


I'm  always looking for opportunities to form collaborative relationships with complimentary services to add value for my clients.

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