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"Thanks to the personal coaching I did with Chalisa I have managed to shape my life into something wonderful..."  Mark Rycroft, Australia

Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I empower, guide and support individuals and couples to thrive in life, love and relationships; creating more fulfillment, connection, happiness, inspiration, purpose and success. I help humans come home to their hearts to connect to their inner truth, joy and heal their pains. 


I help clients move from survival mode - stuck, trapped, resentful, angry, unfulfilled and disconnected - to thriving in life and love.  I am a connection, communication & intimacy specialist.

I am passionate about sharing wisdom, tools and practices to help humans create the life they desire enabling more joy, more love, better health, clarity and deeper connections; while also enabling clients to step into their personal power to become all that they can be in this life time.

A highly experienced and qualified life coach, couples therapist and embodiment healer, I create clear pathways and roadmaps and help develop life solutions for men, women and couples.

We can all thrive in our lives through the development of new skills and by maintaining transformational mindsets. With these in place, you too can thrive and rise again like a phoenix regardless of any challenges you may have faced in the past, or are facing now.

I am currently offering predominately online appointments by Zoom video and phone link-up due to current Coronavirus  (COVID-19) restrictions in Victoria.  In-person appointments for current clients have recommenced in limited capacity

Work with me to develop a personalised plan for your specific individual or relationship needs.

Develop the essential tools and strategies to thrive in life and love!

 Want to:
  • Reduce your anxiety and stress?

  • Create calm, joy & happiness within?

  • Become your better self?

  • Support yourself for success?

  • Improve your clarity, energy & direction?

  • Restore your sleep & concentration?

  • Fine-tune your direction, decision-making & communication skills?

  • Bolster your self-confidence & relationships?

  • Manage your emotions mindfully?

  • Elevate your wealth potential?

Want to:
  • Create greater happiness and fufilment in your relationship?
  • Create deep long lasting connection?
  • Communicate & manage conflict?
  • Re-ignite your passion for each other?
  • Learn how to fufill each others needs and desires?
  • Reconnect as lovers & friends?
  • Have fun again together?
  • Manage your emotions mindfully?
  • Be the better versions of yourselves?
Holistically heal your self via embodiment practices and emotional healing tools:
  • Express & heal suppressed emotions

  • Stop spiritually bypassing

  • Heal your trauma's

  • Become your authentic self

  • Create peace within

  • Connect to joy, bliss & pleasure

  • Learn to practice loving acceptance

  • Learn to nurture all aspects of you

  • Create a life that nurtures & nourishes

  • Create a life that you love

  • Align your life to your purpose


"I would highly recommend Chalisa Morrison to anyone looking for a powerful coach, therapist or healer.  Chalisa is a beautiful person, kind and caring, a powerful mentor and a non-judgemental coach.  It was a pleasure to have Chalisa lead me through my journey and I achieved so much; including greater personal power and wealth, deeper connections in my relationship, a deep confidence in my abilities to achieve my goals, perform at a higher level in my career and contribute to the people I care about..."

Stuart Gardner-Vaughan, Team Leader, Melbourne, Australia


The Surf Coast  & Geelong in person. Australia wide via online video appointments using Zoom.


I'm  always looking for opportunities to form collaborative relationships with complimentary services to add value for my clients.

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