This 'Connecting to Self' starter course is the first step in your personal development journey; towards connecting to what is important, what you value and how to start living congruently with your truth. Through this course, you will take a personal journey to 'Self.

AUD 197.00

This 'Inner Union Fundamentals' course will take you on a life changing journey to connect to your authentic ‘Self' whilst also cultivating transformational and supportive habits – two important steps before beginning work on your intimate relationship. If your relationship with self is disconnected or vague it's difficult to deeply connect with others.

AUD 297.00

This course will teach you how to create more joy and connection in your intimate relationship. You will gently be guided to create change by learning and practicing transformational tools and nourishing practices. This course is suitable for Individuals as well as couples studying together.

AUD 297.00