This 'Finding Self' starter course is the first step towards connecting to what is important to you, what you value and how to start living congruently to what is important to you and your truth.

AUD 197.00

This Coming Home To Self course will take you on a life changing personal journey to connect to your authentic ‘Self '. You will develop inner union foundation skills to connect, support and manage yourself.

AUD 297.00

This course will teach you how to create more joy and connection in your intimate relationship. You will be guided to create change by learning and practicing transformational tools and nourishing practices. This course is suitable for Individuals as well as couples.

AUD 297.00

You will learn a communication tool to help you mindfully communicate your needs and feelings without shaming, blaming or drama. This communication tool is simple yet powerful and has changed the lives of hundreds of my client’s - communicate more effectively today.

AUD 57.00

This course will take you on a 7-day supported journey to reconnect to your joy. You will move from survival mode to a joy filled life again by developing and applying the Love Me Up easy to learn joy practices.

AUD 47.00