Coming Home To Self

This 'Coming Home To Self' - Inner Union Fundamentals - course will take you on a life changing journey to connect to your authentic ‘Self' whilst also cultivating transformational and supportive habits – two important steps before beginning work on your intimate relationship: If your relationship with self is disconnected or vague it's difficult to deeply connect with another in an intimate partnership long term.

Through this course you will:

  • Identify what your personal needs are and what is important to you
  • Learn how your brain creates your reality and how you can co-create to support yourself
  • Connect with your beliefs, learn how they shape your reality and how to reprogram negative beliefs to support you
  • Be introduced to tools to help you create awareness, develop mindfulness and 'lean' in to change your patterns and behaviors
  • Be introduced to practices to better manage and process your emotions

This course is for you if you feel disconnected, stuck or anxious in your life and in your intimate relationship.

* Please note that this course includes all content from the Connecting To Self Starter Course.