3 quick tips on managing anxiety:


Over the last few months I’ve been constantly reminded of our shared social challenge of increasing levels of anxiety; average anxiety levels are reaching new highs as we set out to multi-task even more, managing the 24:7 distractions of being on and the ever-present pressures of having it all and being successful. Your health is the most important factor in your life, without it, you will struggle to lead a fulfilling life.

I personally know what it’s like to completely lose your health having experienced a serious head injury 3 years ago - I value health above all else.

Here are 3 quick tips on managing anxiety:

  1. Consciously breathe into your lower stomach several times a day for a few minutes

  2. Practice mindfulness once a day – being aware of what activity you’re doing consciously considering what you can see/hear and feel (maybe it’s the wind on your face and the sound of the ocean as you consciously walk step by step along the beach noticing how the sand feels on your feet as you step into it)

  3. Do some form of exercise once a day - however short or long - it could be simply moving your body for 5 minutes (shaking your body around, dancing, skipping, walking) It doesn’t matter what it is, the important thing is to get your body moving as energy creates energy. 20 minutes of exercise a day is the goal as it helps keep your brain sharp, healthy and focused. If you can only fit in 5 minutes that’s a great start – don’t do it because you only have 5 minutes.