9 tips to manage self loathing


Most people I know - even those that are well studied in mindset management and personal development as well as people that are highly functional and successful - have times in there lives where they experience dislike or hate themselves and struggle to manage self loathing.

It's helpful to remember that self loathing is common and normal at some point in your life for short or long intervals. The important aspect to remember is to be able to see it and identify it for what it is (self-loathing state) and be resourceful enough to help yourself move through this state without getting stuck.

It's also helpful to be reminded that humans are highly emotional and complex - we are all having a human experience after all - with potential to be irrational and flighty.

Anyone can fall off their perch - seemingly falling into darkness and self-doubt often resulting in feeling irrational, useless and disempowered. It's how you manage yourself through these times - and what you make it all mean to you - that will determine how swiftly you can move through these moments or periods in life. My recommendation is to put into practice resourceful strategies to support yourself; fostering a nurturing relationship with self while also increasing your ability to manage your emotions and self regulation when life gets challenging and difficult to cope with.

So what can you do to support yourself during these times? Here are a few simple suggestions to manage self-loathing:

  1. Before you get out of bed in the morning repeat 2 or 3 positive affirmations to support yourself and your mindset for you day (remember that whatever you focus on creates your reality - choose a positive and supportive filter to start your day)
  2. Spend a few moments journaling when you get up in the morning. Include a few paragraphs on how you are feeling (what you feel good about as well as what you are being challenged by) as well as three to seven affirmations to help support you and combat any negative emotions or limiting beliefs. For more information on limiting beliefs, download my free starter kit' here
  3. Before you go to work spend 5-30 minutes doing grounding mindfulness exercises - that could include meditation, stretching, walking or whatever practises work for you. If you don't currently practice mindfulness or meditation I would suggest starting with 5 minutes once a day, then increase to 5 minutes twice a day, then increase your practises to an ideal 30 minutes. Read my Mindfulness blog here for more ideas.
  4. During your day practise deep mindful breathing to ground yourself and your emotions throughout your day. This could include deep mindful breathing driving to work with eyes open and 5 minutes of deep mindful breathing with eyes closed during your lunch break. For more information on deep breathing techniques download my free 'starter kit' here
  5. Take yourself out on a weekly date. Do something fun to fill up your cup of joy; whether that's a trip to the art gallery or the op shop. This date is intended to be a solo date with you. By taking time out purely for yourself you are telling yourself (your ego and your inner critique) that you are worth it.
  6. Be mindful of how you are communicating with yourself - when you notice negative self talk (we all have it) practice taking a breath in, then breathing out releasing the negative notion you have noticed.
  7. Spend time in nature being recharged with Negative ions. Negative ions are created in nature particularly around moving water or after a thunderstorm; they are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron and are beneficial for the human body.
  8. Take care of your physical body - get your body moving with exercise that you enjoy, eat nourishing food and get adequate sleep: sounds simple yet maintaining your baseline is often forgotten when one dislikes ones self.
  9. Be consciously kind to yourself!

If you need further support, please reach out and get in contact with me.

:-) Chalisa