Thrive in life!

"Thanks to the personal coaching I did with Chalisa I have managed to shape my life into something wonderful..."  Mark Rycroft, Australia

Life Coaching & Therapy

Are you feeling stuck, not sure where you're headed, what you want, why you're doing it and how to change?  At different life stages we have different needs, challenges and expectations - often causing anxiety, depression and overwhelm.  Create clarity in your life and remove the blocks that hold you back - overwhelm, guilt, shame and procrastination - and get clear on who you need to be and what you need to do to create the life you want!

Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I support and empower individuals and couples to thrive in life, love and relationships by assisting them to achieve more fulfillment, more happiness and more joy and success in their personal and professional lives. 


Want to:
  • Reduce anxiety and stress?

  • Support yourself with love?

  • Manage your emotions mindfully?

  • Build confidence and self worth?

  • Create greater happiness and fulfillment
  • Elevate your wealth and prosperity potential?

  • Connect to your truth?

Learn strategies, tools and practices to transform your life; empowering and supporting yourself for joy and your success, harnessing your personal power to lead yourself holistically to achieve your goals and life desires.

Create a clear path forward; when your know what you are aiming for you are 100 times more likely to get there!

Remove the physical and emotional blocks that hold you back and resourcefully learn how to feel, process and manage your emotions.

I work with clients to overcome life challenges - ranging from anxiety and depression to confidence, emotional overwelm, communication and health challenges.

I have a holistic approach to coaching and therapy and look at a client's complete life picture creating customised programs to suit different needs, desires and challenges.  Read about what my clients say about working with me here

Work with me and we’ll develop a clear pathway and a plan forward to help you thrive in life and in love; you will become clear about what your truly want and need, your goals and how to move successfully toward achieving your desired vision. As well, we will explore other essential tools and strategies that will empower you to thrive in your life.

To book your free initial Zoom consultation complete your details and together we can discuss your needs and the best way forward for you to move through your current challenges.

"I would highly recommend Chalisa Morrison to anyone looking for a powerful life coach.  Chalisa is a beautiful person, kind and caring, a powerful mentor and a non-judgemental coach.  It was a pleasure to have Chalisa lead me through my journey and I achieved so much; including greater personal power and wealth, a deep confidence in my abilities to achieve my goals, perform at a higher level in my career and contribute to the people I care about..."

Stuart Gardner-Vaughan, Team Leader, Melbourne, Australia