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“This free love guide will teach you everything you need to know about what to do to start feeling more joy, connection and love in your relationship. Understanding how to nurture your friendship is the first step towards achieving deeper connection. Achieving more joy, love and passion isn't as hard as you think and this free love guide will show you why”

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Are you feeling trapped, stuck, angry, resentful, unable to communicate or disconnected?  You are not alone!  Many couples struggle, feeling miserable and unfulfilled over time.  I can help you to reignite connection, passion, love and fun to thrive in love again.  I will provide you with the tools, training and support to connect, communicate and experience deep intimacy again.

Work with me to strengthen your relationship with your partner while also learning the life skills to become better versions of yourself; where you are empowered, confident, respected, able to clearly communicate and excited about your life.

Your relationship with your lover/husband/wife/partner is the most important relationship outside your relationship with self; when you're romantic relationship is positive, supportive, intimate and amazing the rest of your life has maximum potential.

Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I empower individuals and couples to thrive in life, love and relationships by assisting them to create more connection, fulfillment, happiness and intimacy in their relationships as well as more fulfillment and joy in their personal, business and professional lives

Creating a extraordinary relationship with your special loved one is a worthy use of your time; whether you are recently married, about to be married, long-term lovers or recently together as a couple.

Through my self study online courses or through a personalised coaching, therapy and counselling program - customised to both of your needs - learn new tools and practices to re-ignite connection, passion and friendship in your relationship while learning powerful communication skills to effectively manage conflict, deeply connect and fulfill each others needs and desires to thrive in love together.

Learn to:
  • Create greater happiness and fulfillment

  • Fulfill each others needs and desires

  • Clearly communicate & manage conflict

  • Re-ignite passion and intimacy for each other

  • Learn new tools to thrive

  • Have fun again

  • Create deep long lasting connection

I use a holistic approach for couples therapy: utilising a wide range of tools and practices - including Coaching, Gottman Couples Therapy, Counselling, Trauma Psychology, NLP, Tantra, Embodiment Healing, Communication and Miindfulness to help you achieve your goals and desires in your relationship, marriage and partnership as well as in your life holistically. 

I have developed extensive resources over 15+ years to help couples move forward rapidly - whether that's in private sessions with me or through my online courses. I specialise in strategies, tools and practices for couples communication, connection and intimacy.

Work with me and we’ll develop a clear pathway forward to re-ignite the passion and connection in your relationship to thrive in life and love.

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