The many benefits of Mindfulness practice


A couple of months ago I embarked on advancing my skills and knowledge regarding best and latest practices helping support clients with trauma and I’m so grateful I did. Not only am I better equipped at helping the many clients that walk through my door (given everyone has experienced trauma whether small or big), I’ve also learned the latest findings on mindfulness and it’s link to reducing inflammation and disease. I was already a strong advocate for mindfulness and this new knowledge has given me even more reason to remind you, my clients, my family, and friends of the power each of us has to be present in the moment, to breathe deeply, to pause throughout the day and remind ourselves to be present for our own health, the health of our relationships and our potential to succeed in our endeavors. 

Mindfulness is simply being aware of your present experience with acceptance (being aware of what's happening as it's happening). As a concept Mindfulness is simple. As a practice and a way of life Mindfulness is often challenging. Our mind actively keep itself busy - often dissecting what has happened in the past, planning for the future while often criticising every move, mistake or lack of activity – this negative voice alone has the potential to completely derail us from any chance of being present in the moment.

It is often a rare thing indeed to be in the present, being the observer in the moment, aware of what is happening as it’s happening without being swept along by the thoughts occurring in our mind. Mindfulness takes practice. The best way to start practicing Mindfulness is to pause for a few minutes throughout your day and breathe deeply, focusing on the breathe with eyes or closed, being present, allowing thoughts to arise without attaching yourself to the thought - being the observer to the thoughts without reacting. 

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I know some of your need more reasons to practice Mindfulness so lets talk more about the health benefits. Mindfullness can optimize your health through helping to prevent inflammatory disease as well as calming your mind, nervous systems and optimize brain function.

I’m going to quote my favorite Mindfulness guru’s - Dr. Dan Siegel, acclaimed doctor, psychiatrist, author and brain scientist: “...Basically, what we know presence does, is that it creates this integrated state of energy and information flow of one's self in one's body and brain and in connection with other people… we now know that what you do with your mind and what you do with your relationships changes the molecules of health. It literally changes enzymes. It literally optimizes the non-DNA histones and methyl groups that are helping to prevent inflammatory disease...”

Need more evidence to start practicing Mindfulness? Let's discuss your DNA Telomerase (the caps on your DNA that hold it together and keep it healthy). With age and inflammation, Telomerase become shortened and weak. Scientific research shows that one of the best predictors of optimizing telomerase is being present - what you do with your mind! I'll discuss more health benefits in further blogs.

My hope is that I have inspired you to bring Mindfulness into your daily lives. This Christmas season give yourself the most rewarding present – to be present – for yourself, the health of your relationships and your potential to succeed in your endeavours. Wishing you abundant Mindfulness!

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