Being supported through change - Coaching with Chalisa
I have closed my Zippy Skirts online store.
Zippy Skirts can be purchased directly through contacting me.
You can now buy Zippy Skirts at wholesale prices through contacting Chalisa:
Please contact Chalisa Morrison for all enquires by email, phone or by completing the contact form 
Phone: 0422 037 099

Wholesale prices:

- Australian made black stretch versatile Skirts $45
- Zip-on accessories $15-20
+ Postage costs

Please email the following information to proceed with your purchase:

- Skirt Size (see sizing chart below)
- Preferred fit (regular or tight)
- A list of Zip-on accessories you want to buy
- Postal address

Checkout Zippy Skirts Facebook to review options.


Payment can be made through bank transfer or paypal.
x Chalisa