Nurture yourself for success

Coaching with Chalisa Morrison, learn to thrive in life

Do you nurture your 'self' ? Do you support your 'self' for success in your life ? Do you want to learn how to support and nurture your 'self' even better ?

Success in life starts with learning how to best support yourself and this starts with developing a supportive nurturing relationship with ‘self’. Most people find this a challenge! Childhood and life experiences combined with conditioning and cultural expectations leave many burdened with limiting beliefs believing they are no good, not enough, non worthy, failures - ultimately leading to people overlooking the need to self-nurture or to be a friend to self.

The most important relationship in life, is the relationship we have with ‘self’ - yes that’s right your relationship with your ‘self’! We often forget that we even have a relationship with our ‘self’ - taking it for granted given we are always around our 'self'. Nurturing our ‘self relationship’ is a learnt behavior - the aim is to nurture our relationship with ‘self’ like a best friend would; alike the ways we nurture our relationships with those closest and dearest to us. The reality is that we are constantly with ourselves 24 hours a day, every day for life and that’s a really good reason to develop a kind and nurturing friendship with ‘self’.

My question to you today:

  • What can you do today to support yourself even more?

  • If you were committed to being a supportive friend to yourself, what would you do differently? More of? Less of?

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