Remote appointments from today

March 23, 2020

As of 12pm today I am moving all appointments to Zoom Video or phone adhering to the Australian Governments request to stop all non-essential in-person contact aiming to limit Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread in our communities.


I will contact you again when In-person appointments become available. 


My services support mental health and wellbeing and I will continue to offer my services remotely. I will primarily be using Zoom Video Communications - a remote conferencing service - that is super easy to use using your phone or computer once a booking is made.


The benefits of this situation is that appointments can be conducted in the comfort of your own home without needing to drive anywhere, worry about spreading or catching germs or arranging child care; whilst you continue your your journey to thrive in life and in love. 


During Zoom appointments you also have the benefit of utilising the record feature to record your session - if you choose to - for later use.  This feature is particularly useful if you wish to create a vault of trainings for use after the appointment.


I'm hear to support you in a number of ways:
1.  Online Zoom video appointments - they are the new best thing!

Get in touch to book an appointment:

Email -

Phone Text - (+61) 0422037099
2. Use the free tools on my new utube channel where I have started to record tools to support, nourish and love you up; with new recordings being added weekly. 


3. Use the tools & resources covered in my blogs




Science has proven time and time again that the best medicine for stress and anxiety is deep breathing. 


Keep it simple to support yourself for success:

- Breathe in for 4 counts to your lower belly through your nose

- Breathe out for 4-6 counts from your lower belly through your nose

- At the beginning or end of your practice let out some big sighs through your mouth letting go of worry, fear and heavy emotions


If you don't currently have a deep breathing practice, start with a practice of 3-5 minutes twice a day - once with eyes closed and another with eyes open. Anything is better than nothing.  Be kind to your nervous system and allow it to rest and restore; it will love you!


I use driving my car as a trigger to practice deep belly breathing (with eyes open) to slow things down allowing my nervous system to calm and restore.


In these disruptive times, it is important to manage anxiety and stress. 


For more ideas on how to manage your emotions, mindfulness and breathing techniques checkout my other blogs here. For further support, please email me at


Love & blessings

xo Chalisa

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