"Online Life Coaching & Couples Therapy with Chalisa is life changing" Kate & Ben

Thrive in life & love

Online Therapy for life and love

From the comfort of your home create greater happiness and fulfillment in your life and relationships without having to go anywhere; identify your values and needs, learn to love and support yourself, create healthy boundries, get over your fear, learn to communicate effectively and re-ignite your passion for life and your loved ones.


Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I empower individuals and couples to thrive in life, love by assisting them to achieve more fulfillment, more happiness and more success in their relationships as well as their personal, business and professional lives

Supporting yourself with love and compassion and creating extraordinary relationships with your loved ones is a worthy use of your time; whether you are recently married, about to be married, long-term lovers or recently together as a couple.

Through a personalised coaching, therapy and counselling program - customised to your needs - learn new tools to re-ignite the connection, passion and friendship in your life and relationships while learning powerful communication skills to effectively manage conflict, deeply connect and fulfill each others needs to thrive in love and in life.

Learn to:
  • Support yourself with love

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Manage your emotions mindfully

  • Improve self-confidence

  • Create greater happiness and fulfillment
  • Connect deeply with your partner
  • Fulfill each others needs and desires
  • Clearly communicate & manage conflict
  • Re-ignite passion and intimacy

I use a holistic approach; utilising a wide range of tools and practices - including coaching, therapy, counselling, trauma psychology, NLP, tantra, embodiment,  communication profiling and mindfulness to help you achieve your goals and desires in your life and relationships.


I have developed extensive resources over 10+ years to help individuals and couples move forward more rapidly - both within our sessions as well as takeaway material for you to continue your journey and integrate the learnings.  I specialise in strategies and practices for communication, connection and support for self with loving  acceptance.

Complete your details for a free online 20 minute consultation and together we can discuss the best way forward to re-ignite the passion and connection in your personal life as well as in your relationships to thrive in life and love.

 Alternatively please call me to discuss your needs and together we can discuss how to best support you and your relationship.

"Online Life Coaching & Couples Therapy with Chalisa is life changing; Chalisa showed us how to turn our lives around, re-connect, communicate without conflict and deeply connect intimately.  We learnt how to identify what are needs were and how to fufill them without shaming each other.  Thank you so much Chalisa. 

Kate & Ben, Perth, WA


The Surf Coast  & Geelong in person. Australia wide via online video appointments using Zoom.


I'm  always looking for opportunities to form collaborative relationships with complimentary services to add value for my clients.

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