On-line Courses

We offer a number of short online courses designed for self paced studies from the comfort of your home.  Each course has a weekly theme with tasks and interactive activities to help participants master the topics covered. We understand that people learn differently and design our content to suit a diverse range of learning preferences  (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and analytical).

Learn strategies and tools to become the best version of you.  The first step is to connect, improve and nurture your relationship with your true 'self' - learn to be a friend to you and have more meaningful relationships with others.

Journey To Self

A 12 week course, teaching you the foundation skills for success. Personal success begins with supporting ‘self’ yet many humans overlook this simple truth, trudge forward unsustainably with bad habits and an unsupportive relationships and are unable to achieve the results they desire.

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Extraordinary romantic relationships

A 12 week course, teaching you the foundation skills to recreate the love and passion in your romantic relationship. 

Launching soon - to register your interest, please contact me

Teenage Confidence - coming soon

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Growth, Connection, Love, Success - Life Coaching to enhance your life
Nurture you to get the best from yourself - Life Coaching to succeed
Reaching your potential - Life Coaching to your success