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"Thanks to the personal coaching I did with 

Chalisa I have managed to shape my life into something wonderful..."  M.Rycroft, Australia

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Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I empower people to thrive in life  and in love by assisting them to achieve clarity, happiness and success in their personal life and in their relationships.

A highly experienced & qualified life coach, couples therapist, and transformation and transitions specialist, I create clear pathways & roadmaps and help develop life solutions for men & women, couples, business owners, entrepreneurs and people transitioning from injury.

We can all thrive in our lives through the development of new skills and by maintaining transformational mindsets.

With these in place, you too can thrive and rise again like a phoenix, regardless of any challenges you may have faced in the past, or are facing now.

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Develop the essential tools and strategies to thrive in life!

" Fear, self doubt, confusion, lack of clarity, ineffective communication, these were the some of the hard truths and tough questions Chalisa coached me on. I highly recommend Coaching with Chalisa to anyone who is serious about making big changes now..." Martin Joy, Melbourne Australia