"Chalisa has helped me become a business woman. She had guided my ambition, my strengths and help identify gaps in my knowledge. Chalisa has amazing contacts in the local business industry, enabling me to broaden my network. Chalisa has also calmed my soul. She has not only looked after my business needs, but my health and well being. She is non judgemental, keeps me on track and allows me to celebrate the little wins. I love our connection, love her advice, love her techniques, she truly knows business and people. Thanks Chalisa, my success is truly your success." 

Gina Kennedy, Entrepreneur and Business Owner, Geelong, Australia

Couples in Business together

Hi, I’m Chalisa Morrison, I empower couples to thrive in life, love and business by assisting them to achieve more fulfillment, more happiness and more success in their their personal, business and professional lives

Achieve your business goals via clear pathways and a roadmap that will:
  • Motivate yourself, your partner and & your team

  • Support yourselves holistically to BE your potential

  • Optimise the effectiveness of your communications

  • Align your business to your purpose & shared values

  • Empower you to thrive in life and business holistically

While also creating healthy habits to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress

  • Communicate your needs to your loved ones

  • Resolve conflict

  • Reignite passion & connection

  • Support yourself sustainably

  • Strengthen & support your wellbeing & relationship

  • Elevate your wealth and prosperity potential

I am a highly experienced and qualified Small Business Coach with 15+ years experience.


I’ve launched and managed four small businesses and have degrees in Business, Small Business Management and Coaching.  I have helped hundreds of small business owners to create their potential and thrive in business. I now only work with couples for business coaching.

I help couples holistically to thrive in life, love and business by assisting them to develop clarity, happiness and personal success in their business lives while teaching couples the skills to connect, communicate and nurture each other.

I use a holistic approach utilising a wide range of tools - including business coaching, couples therapy, communication profiling, trauma psychology, NLP and mindfulness - to customise programs to suit couples different needs to help you achieve your goals and desires in your business and personal life.

Get clear on who you need to be and what you need to do to succeed in your business and in your relationship. I help you be accountable and create the best version of yourself to achieve what you want in business and life!  If you have a health issue you go to a doctor, when you have a business issue do yourself a favour and get a business coach; you don't have to struggle alone.

Work with me and together we’ll develop clear pathways and a roadmap forward to achieve your specific business goals, as well as exploring other essential tools and strategies to empower you to thrive in life and business!

Read about what my clients say about working with me here.

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The Surf Coast  & Geelong in person. Australia wide via online video appointments using Zoom.


I'm  always looking for opportunities to form collaborative relationships with complimentary services to add value for my clients.

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